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Artigos Científicos

OLIVEIRA, D. M. S.; TAVARES, R. L. M.; LOSS, A.; MADARI, B. E.; CERRI, C. E. P.; ALVES, B. J. R.; PEREIRA, M.G.; CHERUBIN, M. R. Climate-smart agriculture and soil C sequestration in Brazilian Cerrado: a systematic review. Rev Bras Cienc Solo, v. 47, e0220055, 2023. 

LOCATELLI, J. L. ; LIMA, R. P. ; SANTOS, R. S. ; CHERUBIN, M. R. ; CREAMER, R. E. ; CERRI, C. E. P. . Soil strength and structural stability are mediated by soil organic matter composition in agricultural expansion areas of Brazilian Cerrado. Agronomy-Basel, v. 13, p. 71, 2023. 


BRICHI, L. ; FERNANDES, J. V. M. ; SILVA, B. M. ; GUSTAVO JUNIOR, J. N. ; VIZU, J. F. ; CHERUBIN, M. R. Organic residues and their impact on soil health, crop production and sustainable agriculture: A review including bibliographic analysis. SOIL USE AND MANAGEMENT, v. 39, p. ---, 2023.

Trabalhos Acadêmicos



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