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Artigos Científicos

CHERUBIN, M. R.CARVALHO, J. L. N. ; CERRI, C. E. P. ; NOGUEIRA, L. A. H. ; SOUZA, G. M. ; CANTARELLA, H. . Land Use and Management Effects on Sustainable Sugarcane-Derived Bioenergy. LAND, v. 10, p. 72, 2021.

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CHERUBIN, M. R.BORDONAL, R. O. ; CASTIONI, G. A. ; GUIMARAES, E. M. ; LISBOA, I. P. ; MORAES, L. A. A. ; MENANDRO, L. M. S. ; TENELLI, S. ; CERRI, C. E. P. ; KARLEN, D. L. ; CARVALHO, J. L. N. . Soil health response to sugarcane straw removal in Brazil. INDUSTRIAL CROPS AND PRODUCTS, v. 163, p. 113315, 2021.

VANOLLI, B. S. ; CANISARES, L. P. ; FRANCO, A. L. C. ; DELABIE, J. H. C. ; CERRI, C. E. P. ; CHERUBIN, M. R. . Epigeic fauna (with emphasis on ant community) response to land-use change for sugarcane expansion in Brazil. ACTA OECOLOGICA-INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ECOLOGY, v. 110, p. 103702, 2021.

OLAYA-MONTES, A. ; POLANIA-HINCAPIE, K. L. ; CHERUBIN, M. R. ; HERRERA-VALENCIA, W. ; ORTIZ-MOREA, F. A. ; SILVA-OLAYA, A. M. . Soil physical quality responses to silvopastoral implementation in Colombian Amazon. GEODERMA, v. 386, p. 114900, 2021.

SOLTANGHEISI, A. ; HAYGARTH, P. M. ; PAVINATO, P. S. ; CHERUBIN, M. R. ; TELES, A. P. B. ; BORDONAL, R. O. ; CARVALHO, J. L. N. ; WITHERS, P. J. A. ; MARTINELLI, L. A. . Long term sugarcane straw removal affects soil phosphorus dynamics. SOIL & TILLAGE RESEARCH, v. 208, p. 104898, 2021.

GMACH, M. R. ; KAISER, K. ; CHERUBIN, M.R. ; CERRI, C. E. P. ; LISBOA, I. P. ; VASCONCELOS, A. L. S. ; SIQUEIRA NETO, M. . Soil dissolved organic carbon responses to sugarcane straw removal. SOIL USE AND MANAGEMENT, v. 37, p. 1-12, 2021.

FAVILLA, H. S. ; TORMENA, C. A. ; CHERUBIN, M. R. . Detecting near-surface Urochloa ruziziensis (Braquiaria grass) effects on soil physical quality through capacity and intensity indicators. Soil Research, v. 59, p. 1-11, 2021.

BARBOSA, L. C. ; MAGALHAES, P. S. G. ; BORDONAL, R. O. ; CHERUBIN, M. R. ; CASTIONI, G. A. ; ROSSI NETO, J. ; FRANCO, H. C. J. ; CARVALHO, J. L. N. . Untrafficked furrowed seedbed sustains soil physical quality in sugarcane mechanized fields. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF SOIL SCIENCE, v. 72, p. 1-10, 2021.

POPIN, G. V. ; SANTOS, A. K. B. ; MELO, P. L. A. ; CHERUBIN, M.R. ; CERRI, C. E. P. ; SIQUEIRA NETO, M. . Importance of sugarcane straw maintenance to prevent soil organic matter depletion in a Nitisol in the central-southern region of Brazil. Soil Research, v. 59, p. 1-11, 2021.

PAVINATO, P. S. ; ROCHA, G. C. ; CHERUBIN, M. R. ; HARRIS, I. ; JONES, D. L. ; WITHERS, P. J. A. . Map of total phosphorus content in native soils of Brazil. SCIENTIA AGRICOLA, v. 78, p. e20200077, 2021.

TENELLI, SARAH ; BORDONAL, R. O. ; CHERUBIN, M. R. ; CERRI, C. E. P. ; CARVALHO, J. L. N. . Multilocation changes in soil carbon stocks from sugarcane straw removal for bioenergy production in Brazil. Global Change Biology Bioenergy, v. 13, p. early view, 2021.

SANTOS, R. S. ; WIESMEIER, M. ; CHERUBIN, M. R. ; OLIVEIRA, D. M. S. ; LOCATELLI, J. L. ; HOLZSCHUH, M. ; CERRI, C. E. P. . Consequences of land-use change in Brazils new agricultural frontier: A soil physical health assessment. GEODERMA, v. 400, p. 115149, 2021.

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CHERUBIN, M. R.; FRANCHI, M. R. A.; LIMA, R. P.; MORAES, M. T.; LUZ, F. B. . Sugarcane straw effects on soil compaction susceptibility. SOIL & TILLAGE RESEARCH, v. 212, p. 105066, 2021. 

DAMIAN, J.M. ; DURIGAN, M. R. ; CHERUBIN, M. R. ; MAIA, S. M. F. ; OGLE, S. M. ; CAMARGO, P. B. ; FERREIRA, J. N. ; OLIVEIRA JUNIOR, R. C. ; CERRI, C. E. P. . Deforestation and land use change mediate soil carbon changes in the eastern Brazilian Amazon. Regional Environmental Change, v. 21, p. 64, 2021.

CASTIONI, G. A.F., LIMA, R. P., CHERUBIN, M. R., BORDONAL, R. O., ROLIM, M. M., CARVALHO, J.L.N. Machinery traffic in sugarcane straw removal operation: Stress transmitted and soil compaction. SOIL & TILLAGE RESEARCH, v. 213, p. 105122, 2021.

SILVA-OLAYA, A. M. ; MORA-MOTTA, D. A. ; CHERUBIN, M. R. ; GRADOS, D. ; SOMENAHALLY, A. ; ORTIZ-MOREA, F. A. . Soil enzyme responses to land use change in the tropical rainforest of the Colombian Amazon region. PLoS One, 2021.

SATTOLO, T. M. S. ; PEREIRA, L. M. ; OTTO, R. ; FRANCISCO, E. A. B. ; DUARTE, A. P. ; KAPPES, C. ; PROCHNOW, L. I. ; CHERUBIN, M. R. . Effects of land use, tillage management, and crop diversification on soil physical quality in Cerrado agricultural systems. SOIL SCIENCE SOCIETY OF AMERICA JOURNAL, 2021.

BIELUCZYK, W. ; PICCOLO, M. C. ; PEREIRA, M. G. ; LAMBAIS, G. R. ; MORAES, M. T. ; SOLTANGHEISI, A. ; BERNARDI, A. C. C. ; PEZZOPANE, J. R. M. ; CHERUBIN, M. R. . Eucalyptus tree influence on spatial and temporal dynamics of fine-root growth in an integrated crop-livestock-forestry system in southeastern Brazil. Rhizosphere, v. 19, p. 100415, 2021.


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