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Artigos Científicos

Artigos Científicos

Artigos Científicos

BARBOSA, L. C. ; TENELLI, S. ; MAGALHAES, P. S. G. ; BORDONAL, R. O. ; CHERUBIN, M. R. ; LIMA, R. P. ; CASTIONI, G. A. ; ROSSI NETO, J. ; CARVALHO, J. L. N. . Linking soil physical quality to shoot and root biomass production in scenarios of sugarcane straw removal. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF AGRONOMY, v. 152, p. 127029, 2024.


MIRZAEI, M. ; ANARI, M. G. ; CHERUBIN, M. R. ; MOUSAVI, S. M. N. ; ROOIEN, A. ; CABALLERO-CALVO, A. . Crop Residues Stimulate Yield-Scaled Greenhouse Gas Emissions In Maize-Wheat Cropping Rotation In A Semi-Arid Climate. GEOGRAPHY, ENVIRONMENT, SUSTAINABILITY, v. 16, p. 125-132, 2024.


PIMENTEL, M. L. ; OLIVEIRA, A. B. ; SCHIEBELBEIN, B. E. ; CARVALHO, M. L. ; TENELLI, S. ; CHERUBIN, M. R. ; CARVALHO, J. L. N. ; BRIEDIS, C. ; PANOSSO, A. R. ; BORDONAL, R. O. . Quantity, quality and physical protection of soil carbon associated with sugarcane straw removal in southern Brazil. SOIL & TILLAGE RESEARCH, v. 237, p. 105976, 2024.


VANOLLI, B. S. ; ANDRADE, N. ; CANISARES, L. P. ; PEREIRA, A. P. A. ; FRANCO, A. L. C. ; CHERUBIN, M. R. . Edaphic mesofauna responses to land use change for sugarcane cultivation: insights from contrasting soil textures. FRONTIERS IN ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION, v. 11, p. 1305115, 2024.


SOUZA, V. S. ; SANTOS, D. C. ; FERREIRA, J. G. ; SOUZA, S. O. ; GONCALO, T. P. ; SOUSA, J. V. A. ; CRUVINEL, A. G. ; VILELA, L. ; PAIM, T. P. ; ALMEIDA, R. E. M. ; CANISARES, L. P. ; CHERUBIN, M. R. . Cover crop diversity for sustainable agriculture: Insights from the Cerrado biome. SOIL USE AND MANAGEMENT, v. 40, p. early view, 2024.


SILVA, L. J. ; OLIVEIRA, D. M. S. ; SANTOS, R. S. ; OLIVEIRA, P. ; FREITAS, D. ; CHERUBIN, M. R. ; CERRI, C. E. P. . Soil carbon dynamics in integrated agricultural systems in Minas Gerais state, Brazil: A meta-analysis. GEODERMA REGIONAL, v. 36, p. e00761, 2024.


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